From doves to lassos, there are many ways to integrate Latin wedding ceremony image meanings into your big day. These types of cultural touchstones aren’t basic and can very easily always be adapted to install modern couples’ wedding ceremony strategies.

Shannon Fluet evokes classic Latin elegance in her dress up by Emmanuelle.

One of the most crucial Latin wedding ceremony traditions is la ceremonia de arras, in which the groom gives his star of the event 13 silver and gold coins, usually splendid with various units like religious icons, family members crests and their last names, to represent their mutual promise of support through their relationship. The number 13 symbolizes Jesus’ doze apostles plus the importance of adding God initially in their relationship, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/u97rhpfpXIM/hqdefault.jpg while the coins themselves signify wealth for the newlyweds as they combine costs.

In the same way, in a service known as la ceremonia del lazo, a white ribbon—typically a rosary or silk cord or silver rope—is tied around the couple’s necks after they exchange their vows. This kind of tradition, typically accompanied by padrinos and madrinas who have sponsor the arras and lazo, signifies the joining jointly.


After the religious or perhaps civil marriage ceremony, guests frequently toss rice or fowl seeds on the couple because they exit the church or city lounge, which denotes fertility and fortune. Although some modern couples have swapped this kind of ritual for the purpose of confetti or rose petals, the meaning remains: to show support women from costa rica and wish the newlyweds a booming future. In the same way, drinking wines from the same glass is a emblematic act of merging two lives and family members into one.


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