AirVPN is known as a provider with a strong concentrate on privacy and online liberty. They are a community-based product that figures the insight of their users. The company also targets transparency within their operations. The new breath of oxygen in an sector where a large number of providers conceal important specifics about their product behind a wall of technical jargon or vague wording.

The AirVPN internet site has a clean layout and little in the way of gloating or bombastic says. The arrangement instructions to get the software happen to be straightforward and simple to follow.

In our assessments, we found that the default settings already provide a higher level of security for most users. Nevertheless, the business allows you to fine-tune and customise your operation with extensive options – something all of us appreciate within a VPN. The desktop client’s Eddie AJE is a bit overwhelming and puzzling for most starters, especially when looking to change particular settings like changing the server position or permitting double-hop. Therefore, we’d suggest beginners to stick with the default options and only employ advanced features if they have a solid understanding of VPN technology.

AirVPN provides a three working day free trial, which can be longer than most of their particular competition. A fresh bit tricky to purchase one, though; you need to contact the www.trendsoftware.org/fix-problems provider and nicely ask for one. The service provider also has a 30-day money back refund, which is very large.

The company gives a wide range of payment methods including PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, Sofort, and Giropay. They also agree to Bitcoin and also other cryptocurrencies. The corporation does not log any kind of personal information but it surely does shop technical data such as connection timestamps and bandwidth usage for maintenance purposes. It might be possible to get in touch multiple units simultaneously using the company’s software program.


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